Registration for Fall 2017 HAS CLOSED
We will not accept any further registrations for this season. Thank you. We are working on ways to reach even more people next year.
High School Soccer Postponed INDEFINITELY!
We regret to inform you that Ilwaco High School will NOT have a girl's soccer team this fall. Though there were many reported factors that influenced this decision, budget was highlighted as the main determining factor. The high school administration is concerned that adding a sport to our high school athletics program would detract from the already established sports. As the discussion with the administration continues it will be IMPERATIVE for parents and students to respectfully voice their desires to the district and high school administration. PLEASE let your voice be heard.
What you need for soccer

For soccer you will need:

Soccer Red/Blue Uniform ($15) and socks ($5) available at All Season Kidstuff, in Chinook.

Please be prepared to pay cash/check for uniforms/socks. Items are housed at All Seasons Kidstuff and they do not profit from items or charge sales tax. Thank you.

Most of the other items (shin guards, shorts and cleats) can be found at All Seasons Kidstuff, Fred Meyer, or Big 5.

Age Groups
Posted Jul 19, 2013

Must be going into Kindergarten through the 8th Grade



Kindergarten - 1st Grade (coed)

2nd Grade - 3rd grade (coed)

4th Grade - 6th Grade (boys)

4th Grade - 5th Grade (girls)

7th Grade - 8th Grade (boys)

6th Grade - 8th Grade (girls)


Subject to change based on registration